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    Genesis: A Guide to the Setting that's Updated as You Play


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    Genesis: A Guide to the Setting that's Updated as You Play

    Post by Acedia on Mon May 30, 2016 1:37 am

    The setting has already been created on a to scale hexographer, but due to the nature of the setting, you will not initially know of the world. This thread will be updated as you learn of or visit different locations.

    Ark Number 53:
    Your home. No one's particularly sure how the Ark was formed, only that it's made up of displaced families. The drab village of 167 strong is made up of rows of identical stone buildings, though the families housed inside are not so identical. Families claim to be from all kinds of places, from cities never heard of, forests seen on no map, or lands never discovered. All residents went to bed one night, and woke up the next in the beds of these stone houses. Various theories have been made. Some have stated that they are perhaps from different parts of the world, hence why they would know little of each other's cultures or locations. Others have more... radical claims. Regardless of your families belief's you were raised here, either born within the eighteen years The Ark has existed, or brought in at an extremely young age with the rest of your family. Regardless, the world before was either never seen by you or you were too young to remember. Families have various claims about their backgrounds, from the humble farmer to the domineering aristocrat, though here in the Ark, none of it matters. There was nice farmland, here at the Ark, but there was nothing past it. Any attempt to leave the "boundary" of the Ark was met with the opposite side of the village, as if you had circled the world. Despite such confinement, food and water was plentiful, and as such things went peacefully for 18 years, until the sky seemed to fall upon itself. The daytime sky gave way to the nighttime stars, and for the first time in eighteen years, the villagers were given freedom, as the boundary was seemingly gone, giving rise to a whole new world. The village may have been a peaceful place, but a new world provides new opportunity and ambition. Although many will stay, the passionate and the ambitious will wish to spread their wings.

    Town just seven days journey from Ark. Held the Chief that first disclosed what his experience traveling about.

    Described by the Chief as a disgusting place. "The laws are just for show, no one actually enforces them. There's no disciplinary force, only a loose protection force to keep the city safe from outside threats. It's mostly ruled by gangs, most malevolent, a few benevolent. Interestingly enough, everything just seems to.. click. It all just works out somehow"

    Human Empire in the Ark's continent. The Chief of Eastborn suggested you do not enter politics here. (David) vaguely remembered that the name is that of a large empire, not a city. He also remembered that the Cheliax is not the full name, but not as to what the full name was.

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