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    Specifically Approved Homebrew Classes


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    Specifically Approved Homebrew Classes

    Post by Acedia on Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:07 am

    Here goes all of the homebrew classes I've been asked about and have been approved, along with all tweaks I may have put on them to reduce or raise power.

    -Ask me about specific paths, no other changes.

    -Form points changed to Charisma modifier + the number of Aberrant feats it’s taken + two times its class level from Charisma modifier + the number of Aberrant feats it’s taken + three times its class level

    This may be changed to 2.5x if significant trouble is observed.

    Considering I helped rewrite it, no changes.

    Sacred Necromancer
    No changes

    - Cannot avoid attacks of opportunity with acrobatics when making a Blitzkrieg strike or any variation thereof.
    - 3rd level ability Mobile Strike will be modified for clarity. Only the first target struck will not provoke attacks of opportunity, however, additional targets may still be struck.
    - Loses 10th level ability "Bob and Weave (Ex)"
    - Loses 10th level All-Terrain Ability to move through solid objects

    Spell-less Ranger
    No changes

    +Allowed, no changes.

    - Cannot gain additional mythos / excellencies through the destruction of items or any other way. In other words, only through normal progression.
    - For the World Breaker Grip mythos, it is now a full round action to place someone within your grip.
    - Hero Sundering hands has a modification. Spells with somatic components can still be cast as long as the other arm is still attached and free.
    -Save progression will be lowered, as the Teramach should not have perfect save progression. The base will save progression will be half that of the other saves at any given point, rounded down. So for example, if the base Reflex save is 7, the will save is 3 (7/2 rounded down).]]

    -Damage reduction caps at 5
    -Bloodwarrior Self damage increased to 1d8 from 1d6
    -Healer's Gift changed to 1/2 Class level x Wis Mod from Class level x Wis Mod
    -Healer's Touch changed to Healer's gift value, Class level x Wis Mod
    -Alpha's Companion banned
    -Call Pack Banned
    -Rejuvenating Touch  banned
    -Resist Magic banned
    -Deathless Vigor no longer gives immunity to death from death effects

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