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    Levels 1-5

    Post by Acedia on Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:12 pm

    Hey guys, as some of you may or may not know, I've been trying to figure out how to rush you to level 5. I usually like low level play, but many current party members needing feats or levels to function, meaning many encounters in your favor are instead challenging. Those are my feelings, but it's possible you feel differently, so if you feel differently I'll leave some poll options for you. For the others, I have poll options here as well.

    Please vote, I've left it multiple choice and you should be able to cancel your vote. All playing or planning to play may participate. You are of course allowed to discuss with me or each other.

    Option 1: NO changes, go back to medium track and play it how it normally is.
    Option 2: Go to the fast progression track until level 5. You'll have a bit of an XP deficit which must be made up, so you'll stay at level 5 longer than the average party as you try gain XP to make up the deficit and reach level 6.
    Option 3: I drop an item when you loot these canines that lets you level up to 4 or 5, without the XP. You'll be on the medium XP track and will have to make up the XP deficit, but you'll be level 4 or 5 while making it up, not 2.
    Option 4: I've already rolled for your entire trip, I can make all the encounters regular wolves, skip them, but give you the XP for them. In other words you'll just get XP and be in Cheliax.
    Option 5: Other. Please describe in post below.

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